Natalie Meddings

Active Birth Yoga ClassMy name is Natalie Meddings and I am a qualified doula and active birth teacher. I am also a mother of three. As a first-time pregnant woman myself, I felt many things. Excitement and delight, but also uncertainty – even fear. With each new pregnancy appointment, I felt more alone, increasingly ill-prepared for all that lay ahead.

My initial hope, that I was going to be guided and supported through the experience, that the birth of my baby would all just somehow work itself out, soon dissolved. I realised that if the birth was to stand any chance of being as I’d imagined, I’d have to do more than cross my fingers and hand myself over. I would have to take charge.

What I wanted – what I deep down knew I needed – was to feel safe and the obvious place to seek that safety, was within myself. I needed to know more, feel more, trust both my body and the process of birth itself. I began practising active birth yoga, attended a birth preparation weekend, sought out a midwife-run NHS birth centre for my first child and for the last two, had a doula by my side at home. In short I made ready. Got resourced. Put firmly in place what every pregnant woman needs – a sense of total security. The reassurance that on the day, I would be able to rely on myself.

I hope that I provide pregnant women who come to me with something the same. As an active birth teacher and a doula, my aim is not to tell women how to birth their babies, but rather to call on and encourage their instincts, to remind them of what they really already know. That giving birth can and should be a simple and natural event. That their bodies are ideally designed to achieve it.

With the experience of yoga, breathing and realistic birth preparation to draw on, women just feel better about birth. They are able to ‘re-imagine’ it. They find their confidence builds, their instinctive understanding of what is going to happen deepens, and then the day arrives, and instead of fear there is focus, instead of anxiety, strong intention.

I hold active birth yoga classes in South-West London and Surrey, and I am also available as a birth doula.

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